Monday, April 4, 2011

i love MA woRK!!

SuNdaY!! make me smile.. 
do you know why? because ive got a chance to see one game..
ma bro tell me that, this is a gentlemen's games..
but i dunno why...

 im visiting this league with ma best buddy.. FAriD.. so, i captured so many pictures.. but mostly.. i dun satisfied with all of it.. hurm. anyway.. this is my first experience to watch this games.. so much adrenalin when i saw the ball like flying away.. especially when it flied near me.. huhu.. so scare.. im sorry guys.. im supposed to upload those pictures yesterday.. just because of i have so many work.. so, i give the softcopy to DAuS..
 too much MAn!! haha... so gannaaZZz... they hit each other just to get a ball.. wow.. im looking this league with a speechless words.. haha.. just snapping picture until i don know what to snap.. so much scenes..

 actually i know the visibility of this team because of my friend.. DAUS.. i will not know that their exist if he not invite me to see this league.. anyway.. well done my friend..

all this picture are snapped when they stop for a while.. before changing field.. omg!! what i smell is only grass..  seems like they played rolling on the field.. anyway.. they really great player.. i dunno what to say anymore..
 they GREAT.. better than the best.. hopefully they will always win.. plus.. any picture will be upload inside my blog.. for next time.. then.. i WISH i can meet them again this weekend.. hopefully.. good JOB!!

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