Tuesday, April 19, 2011

story 3 : ondway ke extra time..

this is what we called spirit... they keep holding on until they have to go to extra time.. because of what?? because they had same point with the other team... :(

this is Zira.. Bureau of Public Relation and she hiding from the burn of sun using my shadow.. ohohoho
i dont know what they talked about but seems like very serious,... anyway, Hariz, Aini and Anis always serious... but they love to laugh... :P
this is Aiman.. and his friend Natrah, Elly and Bob.. Natrah is already here from the start of the game.. but the rest came later cause they are coming back from work..
 Aiman: im glad u've made it.. glad u can come.. :)
and this is what I said it happened in front of me.. actually about this situation, i do not realize at all.. when i turn back to the field... they already near me.. wow! i almost threw my heart away form me... huhu...
and this is what happen when someone injured.. it is not to serious.. but i believe that he hurts at his shoulder.. i couldn't imagine that if it is happen to me.. 

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