Sunday, April 10, 2011

hari anugerah kecemerlangan akademik

9.4.2011.. the days that makes most of us happy we got the certificated..
most of the people who get present from college is my friends.. well done guys!! i wish we can continue the goodness of the study and focus in what we have in front of us....
this is norshan~~
i called him shanShan.. :p


aini with maz and shahiran
shira and maz

me and classmate (elly, shahiran, laila, and asma )for me.. there is no juniors seniors concept.. very old skool.. seems like we are so cool but we didnt if we use that concept.. we will be called loser if we think like that.. anyway... really nice to know them.. very hardworking and committed in studies.. Well done gurlss....

 those are my award for my effort... :)
this is my best friend farid with alan and sir izzuan

thank you for read my post... all this picture are taken randomly just to keep it as a good memories... credit to everyone.. love you guys... :)


  1. nye dpt award.. TAHNiah beb :)

    sudi-sudi lah singgah blog saye..heee :D