Friday, March 18, 2011

Today is the day... going out to pekan razaki with friends and juniors... those juniors are already just like my brothers and sisters... There are so much fun where we do a good things together.. We are together to promote the campaign conducted by ROTARY CLUB OF IPOH SOUTH.. and.. this is the story of us while we were there......
 This picture is not god enough becouse the lighting are wrong here.. this is happening because I use build in flash..
 Because this event happening in night.. i got trouble to focusing.. a lot.. i need to adjust my eyes back.. huhu... because there is something wrong with my eyes lately.. hurm....
 This girl is very happening girl.. Talk a lot.. But reasonable.. even though this picture is kinda blur.. i just snap..!! 
 Spontaneously picture that I snap.. hurm... Still ok maa,..
 This picture also use build in flash... So, there is shadowing in this picture. but it ok.. because i still can tell the story of the picture..
 Here, we see the brave well done job because helps in reducing plastic by promote this campaign.. I love this picture...
 I snap this picture eventhough the owner of himself did not want to interframe.. sorry ya.. :p
 There is so much smile that night that can remembering me of a lots of fun.. 
 Ok guys!!! pleasE!! SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAG!!! This is capturing ARTly just to promote this campaign.. Credit to this model... :)
After we done, we go to drinks while waiting for our president to pick up...
 The cutest girl ever join this campaign... Suitable with her small size.. :)
 AGAIN!!! PLEASE SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAG....GRRR!! Anyway.. Im appreciate those who supported this campaign.
 I dont realize when this picture is capturing... OMG!!
At last... this is snapping by my sister here.. Well done job.. this is very fine picture when im in it... :)


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