Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Hate Symptoms..

I got symptoms... during this pregnancy..
the more weird is both my sister didn't have any symptoms at all... grrr...., i have to wait until 4th month of pregnancy to have my beautiful life back.. T.T

Those are my symptoms:
1. vomit every time i had late breakfast, lunch and dinner
2. eat less but repeating
3. stomachache
4. dizzy head
5. lazy
6. don't want to put any make up
7. slow motion
8. drink less, sleep more

That is happening from first pregnancy until 2 months.

but this is happening after that until now!

1. vomit immediately whenever smell something, whether it is nice or not
2. backache
3. hungry
4. tired too much
5. lazy
6. something moving inside my tummy and that is not good
7. easy to getting emotional
8. hate to open books for exam.. taadddaaaaa....!!

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