Wednesday, December 7, 2011

when i found you, you, and you...

2-4hb 12 2011..

hari-hari yang mungkin bertuah buat aku..  because for the first place, i really dont want to be here at all.. there is something else that i should be done. but it is my responsibility to take care of my juniors (gurls) who involve in this program.

i almost thought i am the most unlucky person cause someone just raise her hand (nak kene budak ni.. :p) and vote me for 'penghuluwati' position.. huhu.. i just go down there to help that another person (yang jadi MC kite) to find others to hold other available position.. OMG..!!

anyway, i enjoyed when i do my work, make sure all the girls are get ready for next tentative.. plus. have to remind them to go to sleep early..

the very good things, i get from this camp is.. i can wake early.. is that a miracle.? hehehe anyway.. tq girls sebab bagi komitmen.. n ade certain adek2 yang saya tak kejut pagi tu sebab tgk bilik tade org.. upenye kome tido tapi saya tak perasan..bilik gelap je.. takot cheq.. maaf ye.. maaf sume.. kalo ade terkasar bahasa, tercuit sikit, termaki, terjeling, dan ter2 semuanya... maafkan semuanya.. bukan yang perempuan je, yang hok laki2 sume pun sama.. mintak maaf sangat andai berlaku apa-apa yang anda , kalian, semua, tak puas hati dengan saya..

dan kini... im the most LUCKY person, because i found someone just all of you.. :)

#this pic credit to MAYA anak TAN...

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