Monday, October 25, 2010

im trying and trying

well.. after i heard an idea from my 'sahabat' to do this kind of work to gain more money after so many thing we've done to gain profit.. lastly i got this 
i make it black and white after my old friend said to me.. "try black and white"..
so i made this

and i learn.. learn.. and learn from my sifu.. azroy.. he is a wonderful person... he taught me to be a professional after he gave me a good training at terengganu to catch my best friend wedding's picture..

they look gorgeous.. so beautiful on that day.. and i learn to snap all the best picture of them.. and i like it.. very much.. from there.. i learn how to edit and make that picture looks so damn hot and damn nice...
seriously.. i really love this work.. and if i can.. i want to stop my study and travel all around the world just for snap pictures.. haha... so ambitious..

plus... i knew one girl.. she so energetic.. loves to laugh.. happy go lucky and obviously... she so photogenic..i took 350 pictures of her and until now i cannot choose which one the best because all of it.. so damn nice pictures..
this is the first picture that i publish here.. more will coming soon.. plus.. she taught me how to use this blog to publish m picture... seriously.. this make me love this work more..

well, i show this picture to my old friend adi aizuddin.. he told me that i should not to cut or crop this lovely girl's head.. i said oMG... this subject cannot stand still laa because she playing the playground tools.. (buaian i mean).. so.. this is what i get for today.. see you on the next post..

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