Saturday, April 16, 2011

while we waiting for the key...

This ordinary girl.. Chek Wan Ummi can transform into a beautiful wonderful talents ever today... :) want to know why im saying this? just scroll your mouse down and see her another pictures that captured by me on page down.. wow... unbelievable.. me, kinda shock when i review these pictures.. such a natural beauty she had.. and i believe she can go far in modelling industries if she want to... not just like certain sarcastic people whoever outside who really wants to be a model but they really cant afford it.. just admit that.. that is my advice for who really want to be but unfortunately, you cant.. just find another profession..
ok.. back to this story.. i mean her story.. while we are waiting for the key to go back to they dorm.. we wait under the tree near by the dataran. we had "Ride it right" program at Dataran Ipoh. They had an aerobic exercise on the morning and visited all the booth around the dataran. After checking my bestfriend's condition while he and others friends became a social worker for this program, me and those girls go back to the dorm and go buy 2 carton mineral water for our rugby players this evening.

this is the picture that i snap while waiting under the trees.. Others were sit on the field meanwhile me and her trying to do a photoshoot...  Absolutely , she has the natural beauty even though she said she really not good in modelling. I said its fine to me. So, I just snapping. Actually, for my opinion, if we want to make it natural.. we just have to let it be.. don't control it.. just be confident and snap!   

this is the most beautiful picture ever for today.. Aini Nasir also agreed with me.. so, i publish this for you guys to see this.. anyway.. this is her specialty.. she really can do this profession if she wants for someday.. one day, she can try to be a model.. nice one.. i pray for her.. :)
This picture showed that they just playing but actually its become a story.. we can see that there are the bad and a good guys. the black shirt represent the bad guy.. who jealousy with the good guy in white shirt. and the girl who had a pure heart can recognize which one better for her and the bad guy have a bad intention for both of the whites..

enjoy it!! :)