Friday, April 15, 2011

the best among the best~~

*this photo taken during the photoshoot..
 Zammil said: SAHabaT.. i answer : its hard to fine.. 
yup.. it is true.. TRue FrienD really cant easily found.. with all damn shit you do.. you still cannot find the best among the various faces you meet.

This is the face you always see when I go anywhere. 
For those who think I'm in relation with him,just forget that. Its nothing. For your information, he is the most human that put friendship first in any problem we had. 
So, to all the hypocrisy that exist out there,do not want act rude in front of me. 
I treat people who have pure hearts only. 
Those who had the smell-rotten heart of all, I do not want to look anymore.
 And I learned from my mistakes.
 I'm too nice to people until they stepping on my head and over the border.
 So maybe this is the time for revenge.
 But, because I was asked by this FRIEND and he assure to me that God will pay back or respond to them even sooner or later. Then, you're really lucky, hipocrisissy.

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