Wednesday, November 3, 2010


this is zaril... 1st classmate i introduce here in my blog.. 
when i snap his picture.. i thought that he is not photogenic.. but when i show to my teacher.. he said that zaril is the photogenic... 
i never thought about it.. 
now im show you the art of the photogenic..
maybe that theme is suitable for this post..

 this is his picture with one of his best friend, sha. i tell about sha on my next post about her.. mmm... zaril is energetic boy with pending word... hehe anyway.. he is the best company if we want somebody to talk..
 oMG!! spoiling this picture with his left hand did not same with the other one.. but it is ok laa...
seriously, when i looks carefully to this picture.. i think my teacher are right about him.. next view.. maybe i will invite him again to be my subject..
i really.. really... really...
looo00000vvveeee this picture... and i do not know why.. it is look simple but beautiful.. i gonna to improve style of photograph and be the best to be a billionaire.. 

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