Tuesday, November 2, 2010

learn how to edit

today after exam.. i slept.. so long... bajet balas dendam la nie.. anyway.. its makes me cannot sleep at night,
then.. i learn how to play ragnarok game.. unfortunately, im not born to be gamer.. so i stop it.. futhermore it is because of lagging of internet statistic... huhu

after that i learn how to edit picture more.. so here it comes.. a calendar!!!

and... this simple poster i get from my taste.. not because of not using the technology of adobe photoshop... but it is because i follow waht i want to.. but.. after this,, i had to follow what customer wants at their pictures.. so i learn until i die..

this is dedicated
to all my friends that help me to get a nice pictures.. almost the pictures i get all of it very damn fine quality.. 
not to showing off.. like i said.. im learning.. and those all my friends help me to create a fine and beautiful view of nature by becoming a subjects..

they all cute and superfine poser.. come hear this.. my teacher said that zaril is actually nice photogenic.. i never thought about it.. i only thought  naimah is photogenic.. mybe im wrong.. huhu.. but its ok. i'll try to predict carefully next time.. and farid and sha is a beautiful subject.. their represent both gender.. ain, fatin and echaa is a nice poser.. they also make their picture looks beautiful.. ika, zu and bella.. the picture will not be complete without them.. bravo to all my friends.. actually so many picture i snap during the visiting.. but dont worry.. i will show it at another posting.. thank you for visiting my blogs..

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