Sunday, November 7, 2010

im sorry..

im started to feel guilty right now doing this kind of job.. 
last photo-shoot, i invited my friend to be subject to showed my work... to make it as publicities.. plus.. i can introduced my friends and maybe on of them can be model on day..
and i know that i not too rich enough to buy my own dslr.. i only borrowed it to make my work done..
as i believe that all my friend that agreed for me to snap their pictures... and im sorry if im looks like do not want to share it. but just please wait a moment and if the time comes.. i will give it to all of you... im sorry... im not showing off.. or what so ever... but this is involving my future.. i try and i learn... i  just have to find opportunity and wait... if i can patient. i hope that my friends can patient too... i try too find a better ways.. and you guys should know that... i  will never forget my friends.. unless... friends forget me.. can i do anything about that..?? sure im not.. i sorry.. so much!!
here i tell you... without the dslr.. you still can have a good photo used your hp... believe me... 

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